About Us
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About Us

Photography is a medium with the unique ability to capture reality one slice at a time. Aside from our sense of smell, a photograph is the most powerful stimulus that can evoke memories of loved ones as well as moments in our lives that we hold most dear. Our job is to create and capture these fleeting moments of your life with a dash of artistry.


We focus on a simpler time of photography, a focus on the expression, the essence of the human emotion. Our main influence is the visual Renaissance period painting, and the masters of photography from the medium’s early inception. But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a stroll through our galleries to get to know us better. Enjoy.


Jeffery Wen

It’s been a long journey with many twists & turn to reach this point. The photographer I am today is the accumulation of all the experience of finding a vocation in life. As an introverted Asian growing up in a Western society I would like to think I’ve taken in the best of both worlds.

By nature I have creative and restless mind, but the Chinese culture has instilled discipline and order to this chaos. My photographic process starts with an interview. I like to dig deep into people’s mind to find an emotion that is unique and person to them and capture it on camera.


Patrick Yeung

I love people, I get on with them and more importantly I enjoy the experience of these interactions. While I studied towards getting a desk job, I always maintained a passion for creating visual media, these include making short films, music videos and documentary shorts.

The most enjoyable thing about art for me is the experience of meeting people, different types of people. Equally I like being the behind-the-scenes wizard, it includes things like engaging the clients, producing the “Making of” materials, running the numbers and keeping Jeffery’s head on straight.